Simple and Effective Lip Care Tips

 Lips should not be touched or licked:

Lips do not have any protection of their own, so they are directly affected whenever they are touched or licked.

You should avoid doing anything that will make the problem worse.

Do not lick your lips. This might feel good at the moment and hydrate your lips as well. Once the saliva evaporates, the lips will become even drier. The enzymes in the saliva are simply too harsh for your lips.

 Eat a healthy diet:

Not just for your skin, but also for your lips, a healthy diet is essential.

Vitamins and other nutrients directly affect your lips. For beautiful lips, you must maintain a healthy diet!

Take off your makeup:

Your lips need to be able to breathe.

  • Before you go to bed, be sure to remove all traces of makeup from your lips.
  • Wipe your lips clean with a damp cotton ball.

Hydrate your lips overnight:

When we are awake, we know when our lips are drying out, but when we are asleep, this could be a problem.

As you sleep, the air around you dries out your lips.

  • Before you go to sleep, apply a heavy or hydrating lip cream or some petroleum jelly.
  • For the same, you can also use cream, raw milk, or even ghee (clarified butter).

Massage your lips like this:

You can massage your lips with some nourishing oils for about 5 minutes every day.

Performing this improves the circulation in your lips and ensures that they receive the nutrients they need.